School Rules

In order to ensure a conducive, harmonious and safe learning environment, school management has drafted the following school rules, recommended by the School Advisory Committee and approved by the School Board of Directors, as applicable:

  1. Punctuality must be observed in all school activities.
  1. Mutual respect between members of school community must be observed at all times. No physical, psychological, verbal or any form of violence against each other is allowed. NB: All learners must show courtesy to their teachers and other staff members.
  1. All strangers must be reported to the school office.
  1. Learners must not play in the manner that would endanger their lives and those of others.
  1. Learners must not carry dangerous items to school e.g. knives, guns (including toys) etc, etc.
  1. No throwing of stones or other items that can cause injury to others damage to school or properties of other persons.
  1. No kicking of balls (real or self-made) in an area not designated for that purpose.
  1. All absences must be reported to the office of the principal.
  1. A learner absent from school for 2 days or longer because of illness must return to school with a doctor’s certificate.
  1. A learner absent for 10 consecutive days, without notice from parents / guardians will be removed from the register and parents will have to reapply.
  1. Climbing on trees or walls is prohibited.
  1. All learners must remain on school premises during school hours and classes until such a time when taxis or parents/guardians have arrived to collect them.
  1. Littering is trickily prohibited.
  1. Correct, clean school uniform must be worn every school day. No wearing of uniforms of other schools by NOMS learners will be allowed on school grounds.
  1. Learners’ school wears must be clearly marked for identification when found lost.
  1. No school wear (shoes, dress, shirt etc) must be taken out at school, unless for physical education purposes and on the instruction of the teacher, who also must see to it that school wear taken out during physical education are not left laying around the school ground.
  1. All learners from Grade One upward must have a school bag with compartments in order to keep their books safe and tidy.
  1. Cigarettes, matches, lighters, alcohol or any intoxicating argents are not allowed at school.
  1. Chewing gum at school is strictly prohibited.
  1. Tattoos are also strictly prohibited.
  1. No tape recorders, radios, cameras, cell phones or any other electronic equipment may be brought to school without prior permission from the principal.
  1. No learner is allowed to use another learner’s belonging without permission from him or her.
  1. Vandalism will be treated as a crime and any school property damaged by a learner will be replaced or paid for by parents.