School Fees

School fees at NOMS are a must and normally are to be paid per term (a term is 4 months according to the Namibian School Calendar). Parents who for one reason or the other cannot afford the whole term fees are allowed to pay by way of monthly installments on the date decided by the school and not by the parents / guardian. The payment of school fees also includes the months when schools are on holidays. A parent who however wishes to pay the whole amount for the year is always welcome to do so.

The school management will therefore always inform parents, as to when to pay school fees during the months when schools are going to have holidays. Payments per term must be done at the beginning of every term.

  • Monthly payment of school fees must be done on time, before or on the 7th of every month. The school will be obliged to take all necessary steps when parents have not paid school fees on time. Any parent / guardian whose child’s school fees have not been paid for until after 7th day of the month will be summoned to come and see the school principal in person. Ignoring the call to see the principal regarding payment of school fees may result in the child being suspended from attending classes.

The academic year 2020 school fees structure is as follow:

Pre-Primary N$900.00 N$ 3600.00 N$ 10800.00
Grade 1-7 N$1400.00 N$ 5600.00 N$ 16800.00