General Information

The school has currently a population of 275 learners / pupils, 11 teachers and 4 non – teaching staffs. The learner’s ages range from 4 yrs. – 13yrs. Most teachers are relatively young (below age 30) with the female teachers being in the majority.


NB: All learners must be dressed neatly in the prescribed school uniform for NOMS.

For identification purposes, parents must please label or mark clearly all children’s school wears.


  • Dark Grey school dress with white collar and white belt made from cloth, not plastic.
  • Black school shoes for girls
  • Short, white socks
  • Black or Grey school jersey (v. neck) is recommended during winter.


  • Dark – Grey pants (preferably long), white short sleeve shirts and grey socks.
  • Black school shoes for boys.
  • Black school jersey (V. neck) is recommended during winter.


  • Textbooks as well as exercise books, colour pencils, Pencils, rubber, ruler and glues are bought by parents.
  • Text and exercise books must be covered by parents with brown cover papers toped with plastic covers. Learners’ names must be legibly written in print and in ink on the learners’ books.
  • An appropriate school bag as per school rules is a must to keep the books safe and tidy, and parents must ensure that learners are provided with those.



Parents / guardians are kindly requested to go through the child’s school bags or ask the child if no notice or circular was given to them. Parents sending notes with children should ask them to hand these to the school secretary as soon as they arrive at school. The same applies to school fees given to children in which case a parent need to make a follow up with a call or in person, if no receipt was brought back by the learner. The school shall not be help responsible for school fees lost or misplaced by learners.


Our learners will from time to time undertake educational tours. No tour however will be undertaken by the school without prior notification to parents by the school and approval thereof by parents.


Vehicles when on school grounds must be driven with extreme caution, as there are always children moving around. It is therefore advisable that, unless in exceptional cases, all vehicles of none residents of NOMS must be parked outside the school grounds. Vehicles should also be parked in such a way that they do not block the main entrance to the school. No blowing of horns on school grounds as this may disturb learning activities in the school.


Liaison with school is strongly encouraged by NOMS. This is to the benefit of all stakeholders. Parents are therefore invited to contact the school in cases of uncertainty about anything or if more information is required about something. Also make use of parents evening as a platform to liaise with your child’s teachers etc. in cases of problems, rather speak to the principal / teacher personally, before making use of other means.

Controlling Bodies

There are three bodies that are responsible for the running of the school.

These are:

  1. The Board of Directors consisting of five (5) members. The Board of Directors is the highest authority of the school responsible for policy direction and decision making. The Board of Directors meets ordinarily once per year.
  1. The School Advisory Committee: consist of (6) six members, two (2) persons who must have learners in the school, two (2) persons nominated on the basis of their expertise, two (2) persons from School Management. The Advisory Committee plays an advisory role on professional issues and meets once every school term.
  1. The School Management Committee: consist of school principal and Head of Departments at the school level and it is responsible for the day to day running of the school.